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jgl_is_sex's Journal

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sex.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, yo!

Community information, yo;
What is jgl_is_sex you ask? Well, simply put, this is a community for all things Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Who's Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you ask? Well, lemme just say that if you don't know who he is, you are missing out.

While I'm here. I can't really find a place to put this, but please hit up the Twitter/Tumblr below:

Da Rules;
If you have joined this community, you are expected to follow the rules:

First things first, this isn't a community where you can find endless picspams and manips. No. The only fan-made thing you will find in this community are icons. That's it. Other than that, please find other communities to post your manips, picspams, fanmixes, fanfics, etc. Thank you!

1: No disrespect amongst members/no trolling. It's annoying and rude.
2: Please source your articles and pictures as best as you can.
3: Speaking of that.. Large articles and pictures must be placed behind a Cut.
4: Tag your entries as best as you can.
5: Spread the JGL love! Promote the community like a boss.
6: Be nice and have fun!
Da Affiliates;
Be sure to hit up:

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of this community, do not hesitate to ask!